Department of English

Department of English offers higher education in Literature as well as Linguistics. The literature degree aims to develop understanding of history of English literature and appreciation of literary text. The deep acumen into English literature enables students to develop precise expression and impressive communication by expanding their thinking abilities and interpersonal communication. The vibrant environment at the department encourages freedom of thought and its expression by providing opportunities for argumentations and discussion which makes the students eloquent speakers and patient listeners simultaneously. The department envisions to bridge the gap between language and literature and to give students anin-depth and integrative understanding of the dynamics of the language. The multilingual situation created by the globalization has accelerated the study of language and cross linguistics influences in the perspective of linguistic diversity. Alumnis are expected to play a vital role in the progress of country as English teachers, bureaucrats, linguists, language policy makers etc.

Faculty Members: 

  • Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
  • Dr. Kamal ud Din
  • Muhammad Asif Shafi
  • Moazzam Hashmi
  • Furrakh Abbas
  • Miss Shumaila Bari
  • Muhammad Irfan